January 15, 2014

New Flannel Quilt

So much for finishing up old projects... I am starting a new flannel quilt, and this one will be for my bed - a king size thing which has been covered with everything but a quilt of mine. The ones on the left are (woolies) by Maywood Studio, in all the colors I like.

The flannels on the right will be the background for this quilt called Crooked Path (fat quarter friendly!) from the book "Oh Sew Cozy Flannel Quilts" by Lynette Jensen (I found it here). I have made 5 flannel quilts from this book, which has great patterns for this type of fabric: not too elaborate, yet very attractive.

The quilt I am working on is on page 75. The chevron columns are made with rectangles and squares - no sewing triangles! This book was published in 2004, when chevron patterns weren't as popular as today, and I love the easy construction.

I thought I had cut all the pieces as I followed the instructions: cut 30 rectangles and 80 squares for 60 8" x 10" blocks. Since my project will be one column wider, I added 20 rectangles and 40 squares to the count. As I started sewing them together I noticed that I was soon going to run out of pieces. Each block requires 2 rectangles and 4 squares, so, for the pictured quilt, one should cut 120 rectangles (2 per block), not 30, and 240 squares (4 per block), not 80. My quilt will have 70 blocks, so I am short 70 rectangles and 120 squares as I had added the extra column pieces to the (incorrect) count...

No time to shop today, as I don't have enough woolies in my stash. I will also need more background fabric. However, I pressed on with what I had and sewed 30 units together. I did have a helper (Chris, home early from school), who was drawing diagonal lines on the back of the squares, so all I had to do was line them up and sew them. Sapphire kept him company. Once I purchase the flannel for the remaining units, I hope he will help me again...

I will post pictures of blocks and columns as I work on them. I think it will turn out [huge] pretty!

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