February 14, 2013

Embroidery for babies

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I am not doing any projects which involve hearts, but since my grandson, who will be coming to this world in April, is already in my heart, I have been working on a quilt for his crib.

The blocks are pre-stamped for embroidery, made by JDNA in St. Louis, USA. The pattern name is Noah's Ark. These are the two blocks I completed:

Since the embroidery stamping is very simple, I will add details where I think is needed. For example, on the snakes block I added dots for sand, and half of a flower, as if the snake were smashing it as she slithered along.

As the fabric that comes stamped is somewhat thin, I decided to add white muslim to the block. I basted it around the design before I began embroidering it. It also helps hide any accidental mess on the back of the block from showing on the front. Here is a picture of the back of the snake block:
Not too bad, but now I am sure when I 'travel' with the floss, it won't show. I do, however, avoid traveling with the floss longer than 1/2 inch. Although we see only the front of the block when the quilt is completed, I feel better when the embroidery work is not messy on the back.

Oh, I found a perfect fabric for the backing and for the sashing, with Noah's Ark design. Can't wait to have this quilt ready. I will be sure to post a picture!


  1. Seu neto vai ficar feliz quando souber do amor em cada ponto.Quando souber o nome me avise que quero fazer toalha de ponto cruz com o nome,já faço com motivos da arca.Beijos e Bençãos.


  3. Estão uma gracinha!!
    Já estou curiosa pelo trabalho feito.
    Ano passado postamos no blog um conjunto de quarto de bebe, tem tudo a ver com o teu projeto.


  4. Too sweet!!! R there Giraffes too?

  5. I strolling through your blog in search of more of your Noah's Ark blocks--I'm just loving them (and I see now that you say where you found them.)

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