August 4, 2012

In the new house...

... but quilt room is totally filled with boxes still. I like to unpack the living areas immediately so we have some sense of normalcy in the new house. That is done. As soon as my wrists feel better, I will tackle the sewing stuff. I can't wait!!!

Here are views from my back deck as I write this post. Funny thing, I can hear the symphony by the crickets nearby as well as the distant roar from cars on the highway. The roar could be confused with the sound of ocean waves, if it only had the pauses we 'hear' as the water ebbs and flows...


  1. are you back in Draper? What is wrong with your wrists? Glad you survived your move and can relax on your new deck. xoxo

  2. I say unpack the sewing room first! ;-)


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