May 20, 2012


Wow! My son's wedding kept me away from my blogger duties for quite a few days! As the wedding day neared, preparations were very intense. My mom and sister came from Brazil one week before the event. Without their help I would have gone crazy! :-) Well, my friends might argue I was ALREADY there!

The wedding ceremony was glorious. The reception went smoothly with lots of friends and family members celebrating with us, delicious food, and lots of dancing. The party lasted four hours.

I am so grateful to those who attended, who helped make Michael's wedding day so special. The icing on the cake was when I spotted my quilting friends at the door: Sue and her husband Fred, Rosemary and Phil, Lee and her daughter Terri, Diana, Dora and her husband. I felt loved, supported, and immensely happy...
Here is a picture of the groom after the temple ceremony, waiting for his bride...

... and with Daniela, getting ready for the pictures around the beautiful Temple grounds. Isn't her dress gorgeous?

They are returning from their honeymoon tonight. Michael and Daniela, here is to a lifetime of good health, friendship, and success, and an eternity of love and Divine companionship...

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  1. Happy for your wedding and blissful life! Went for a reception party organized by my friend for her brother in law couple of weeks back. Also liked the welcome given by host to all guests. Entrance and interior was beautifully decorated with flowers and hangings. Loved the location of NYC wedding venues with ample spacious backyard.


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