April 28, 2012

Binding quilts

Two weeks away from my first son's wedding and I found the perfect activity to relieve stress: binding quilts. Nothing like easy (provided you properly wax the thread), repetitive (provided you don't have carpal tunnel problems on both wrists), and fun work (if you don't poke holes on your fingers) to take your mind away from wedding planning!

Some quilters would rather have others bind their quilts. However, binding a quilt (by hand) is like saying goodbye to a new friend who has left a lasting impression on me... It does not matter if the quilt will join the others I've decided to keep, or if it will grace someone's house - the feeling is the same.

 After sewing the binding to the quilt, I fold it towards the backing and secure it with binding clips (I found it here). I like using thread that matches the backing, instead of hand quilting thread. Double thread 'treated' with Thread Heaven (I found it here) or Dritz Beeswax (I found it here) to prevent thread tangles, a needle with visible (!) eye, and Thimble-It (I found it here) - those plastic wonders for my 'third' finger: must have tools!

Next, I rest my feet on the coffee table, turn on the music and let my hands do the magic. Binding quilts is safer than medication and cheaper than therapy. Do you agree? :-)


rubyslipperz said...

Your words about saying good-bye to the quilt while binding...hit a cord with me...I didn't realize it but those are some same feelings i have when binding too.

I want to thank you for your comments on my wool/wash post. did you know that you are a "no-reply" blogger? I couldn't reply to the email that was sent to my inbox from your comment. I couldn't find an email on your blog or blog profile either =(

ps...I hope we can meet sometime?
we live close by =)

Denise Russell said...

I still am figuring out blogger and I think I changed that setting... Yes, would love to meet. Michael gets married next week on the 11th. Things should get better for me between then and before June 1st when the two other boys will be on Summer vacation. Yikes!

Tonya said...

I love hand binding quilts, so relaxing and I can make it look better than machine binding it.


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