April 28, 2016

Quilted Cake Dome

I love cake domes and have a few crocheted ones from Brazil. One sunny day I looked at them and thought I might make a quilted version, lined with laminated fabric so it would be easy to clean if it touched cake frosting. I am loving it and will make a few more with holiday themes!

The pattern was just published in Quilter's World Magazine, Summer Edition. It is easy to make and uses byAnnie's Soft & Stable to keep its shape.

This cake dome is perfect for summer picnics or outdoor parties as it covers cakes and other treats with style. I could not resist using these Riley Blake Designs fabrics I had been saving for a quilt because they were perfect for this project. The dome was pieced using Aurifil 50 wt and quilted with Aurifil monofilament.

The pattern has diagrams to show you how to make these cute flowers, which can be used to adorn other beautiful creations, too.

How do you like my quilted cake dome? I hope it inspires you to make something beautiful today!

April 15, 2016

Country Charm Runner

I have had charm packs with French Roosters by Riley Blake Designs for a little while and wondered what I would do with them. It would definitely be something for my sister because she loves roosters. So, here is the newly born table runner!

I used the roosters with red background on one end of the runner, and the ones with black background on the other end. To lighten up the project, I found a beige fabric that would do just the trick. For the sashing I picked a color that would not wash out the beige on some of the blocks, so dark green worked.

The middle of the table runner has more 5" squares from the pack. This runner measures 51-1/2" x 16-1/4", a good size for tables or coffee tables. The backing is dark red so the white quilting loops show very well.

Pieced and quilted with Aurifil threads, it looks very good with my own decor actually...

So, this is my finish for this Friday. What is yours? I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

April 4, 2016

Zipper Pouches

Hi, everyone! These are the first zipper pouches I made - can you believe that? I have lots of zipper pouches saved on Pinterest but had not tried any. My friend Deb showed me one of hers and I loved it! She directed me to Noodlehead for the tutorial. I am so glad I started with this tutorial! It is very detailed, with great pictures, and the instructions for attaching the zipper are perfect.

Yep, I was too excited to stop at one pouch. The other reason is that when I made the first one, the smaller of the two, I quilted the shell with the lining by mistake. It was great to see the quilting through the lining, but it did not work when it came time to attach the zipper. Noodlehead's method hides all seams (like I do on my bags), but the lining must be loose. Oh, well.

I did come up with a solution for the zipper seam by adding extra strips of lining, but the side seams took a while to make pretty...

The second one I made with the contrast fabric on the bottom and, yes, remembered to quilt only the shell. 

One thing I will change: next time when I make this middle size one I will square off the bottom using a 3.5" measurement instead of 4" as in her directions. I think the bottom turned out a bit too wide. (Black fabric looks more 'textured' when it comes in touch with batting. I had used the lint roller before the photo shoot, and will have to use it again and again...).

Don't you love this fabric? Ideal for women's accessories. I dug deep into my stash to find it - a throwback to 2005 or 2006 which I kept away from my fabric scissors until this weekend. Marcus Brothers, any chance you will revisit this collection??? I stopped by their site and drooled at the fabric lines, though. 

I pieced the pouches with Aurifil 50wt and quilted them with Aurifil 40wt. I am very happy with how they turned out and, now that I feel comfortable with the tutorial, will make many more of them. Deb did warn me that I would be addicted. Thanks, Noodlehead!

I will link this post to  Crazy Mom  Quilts and Confessions of a Fabric Addict linky parties on Friday. Until then,

March 21, 2016

City Girl Quilt Finished

Hurray! My City Girl quilt (or should I call it "Ode to Riley Blake" since just about all fabrics used are by Riley Blake Designs, and were provided by them, too!) is finally quilted and bound! I am doing the happy dance all day today even though it is cloudy outside, as you can tell by the photographs.

You've heard of the Farm Girl quilts. Well, I was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, a city that is larger than New York City. I decided to celebrate all I like about big cities by designing blocks which depicted many of their places and sights. The second to last block on the bottom right has a map and the 'directory' of all the 'locations' in my city. I am very happy with how this modern quilt turned out.

I still have the photos and tutorial for all the blocks here on this blog. This quilt was completed using Aurifil threads: 50 wt for piecing and 40 wt and others for applique'. It measures 68" x 89".

I chose to finish it without a border and with a hand stitched gray biding. In fact, I wanted to use a lot of gray in this quilt which is a color that abounds in large cities. The backing is a collage of all leftover fabrics I had from the blocks. Perfect sampler all around.

For all of you who participated in the City Girl Sew Along, send me pictures of your quilts so I can feature them on this blog. In the meantime, I hope you have great and fun plans for this week, and that they involve lots of quilting!

March 9, 2016

Jolly Bars Winner

Happy Wednesday! It is a cloudy day in Utah but it will be sunny wherever the winner of the 2 Vintage Picnic Jolly Bars lives! Fat Quarter Shop will be sending beautiful fabric to:

1 Set of 1 Unique Number
Range: From 1 to 206
Set #1
That is a fabulous spin on the pattern. I am always imagining how to change up a pattern, but rarely do. Your colors are truly great.

Congratulations Needled Mom! I will send you an email shortly with details. If you just landed on this blog and missed the tutorial, click here to see it.

To all of you who follow this blog and left comments, thank you for your support and for being such great sports. I hope your day will be filled with color, texture, creativity, and peace!

March 7, 2016

Fleece hand warmers

What do you do when you find out one of your teenage boys could not find his dirt biking gloves and used your [expensive] gloves to bike in the mud? After wasting time chastising him, you run to your quilt room and pull out the fleece!

I made these hand warmers in less than one hour and will buy more fleece when I go out today so I can make a few more pairs of different colors. The leaves were cut out of felt and stitched with Aurifil thread. Speedy results! As the pattern suggested I appliqued only one leaf on the palm of the warmers as that side is not so visible.

I found the pattern in the book "Sew Much Fleece - 20 Fast, Fun, and Fabulous Projects for the Whole Family" compiled by Karen M. Burns for That Patchwork Place.

Martingale - Sew Much FleeceMartingale - Sew Much Fleece
(All photographs from "Sew Much Fleece- 20 Fast, Fun, and Fabulous Projects for the Whole Family, compiled by Karen M. Burns, Martingale, 2015; used by permission. Photography by Brent Kane. All rights reserved." 

Above right is the photo of the hand warmers in the book - cute, huh? I love the decorative flowers! Using the wavy rotary cutter blade adds flair to the edges, too. They come together quickly making this an awesome 'assembly line' sort of project: I am thinking I can make a couple of pairs for each of my nieces.

My next projects? As soon as I find my box with scraps of fleece (Ai, ai, ai) I will make this blanket:

Martingale - Sew Much Fleece

What a great variation from the simple blankets I am used to whipping up! The instructions for all the patterns are easy with lots of diagrams and tips, exactly what I like about Martingale's books because I NEVER have to go "Huh? What do they mean?".

Martingale - Sew Much Fleece

I will also get enough fleece to make Hank the hound...

Martingale - Sew Much Fleece

... and this Pillow Lounger - my grandson Nicholas will love both of them! All are really fast and soft, fun to customize for the recipient as you just need to pick the right print. Karen was inspired as she was choosing the projects for the book.

Lovely addition to my library... and some inspiration for you, too. Before you go, don't forget to check out the Tutorial for a cool block and fabric giveaway, which will end this Wednesday, March 9.

Happy Monday!

March 4, 2016

Tutorial and Giveaway

Happy Friday, everyone! Remember this quilt I made for my grandson, Alex? You asked for the tutorial and here it is. Actually, I will show you how to make the block and give you all the measurements you need to make a larger quilt.

I started with the pattern No Bake Jolly Bar by Fat Quarter Shop. It is free and you can download it by clicking here. Here is the one I made with this pattern in December for the Fat Quarter Shop blog hop:

I love this quilt - the pattern is simple and beautiful. For this quilt I used Daysail by Moda, and the leftover blocks I turned into Alex's quilt. Here is the tutorial for the block which I am calling No Bake Jolly Bar Shuffle:

Start with your favorite Jolly Bar by Fat Quarter Shop. For this tutorial I am using Fresh Air by American Jane for Moda Fabrics. Stitch 2 pieces together lengthwise with a 1/4" seam. Press seam towards dark fabric.

Stitch the bottom and the top only of a 9-1/2" by 10" square of solid, contrasting fabric, RST, onto the fabrics you just pressed.

Cut this block in half, right down the middle (notice on photo above - cut in between the stitched lines, not through them).

You will get two blocks from each set of 2 rectangles and a solid square. Now, prepare to 'shuffle':

Trim 1-1/2" from each side of the block.

Trim 1-1/2" from top and bottom of the block.

This is what you will end up with.

Shuffle bottom and top strips as shown (as I grab the top strip, I turn it around so prints aren't aligned with the top prints anymore).

Now, do the same with side strips so prints align at the bottom.

Stitch top and bottom strips to center of block. Press seams.

Pin side strips to center of block as shown above. See how it looks on the back? My pins catch all the seams so they won't move when I stitch over them.

Stitch the side strips, trim ends and press open. Let seams fall where they may.

This is the finished block. I love it! Remember, you will chain piece the blocks so they come together pretty fast. Now, for the materials for the quilt:

Quilt measures 67" by 83"
2 Jolly Bars
(or sixty-four 5" x 10" rectangles)
2-1/2 yards solid, contrasting fabric
1/2 yards border fabric (cut 2" x WOF strips)
5-1/4 yards backing
5/8 yards binding

The original blocks measure 9-1/2" x 9-1/2". When you are done shuffling them, they will measure 8-1/2" x 8-1/2". Two Jolly Bars will give you 80 blocks which you will assemble in rows: 8 blocks in each row, 10 rows exactly. Nothing left over! I did add a 1-1/2" border to my quilt and the yardage for that is mentioned above. I think this should do it. 

Now, for the giveaway - Fat Quarter Shop is offering 2 Jolly Bars for a lucky quilter:

The Vintage Picnic line by Moda is gorgeous and it will look so nice with this pattern, don't you think? All you need to do is leave a comment telling me if you dream of changing patterns, or if you prefer using them as they come. Make sure I have a way to contact you (if you are a no-reply blogger, leave your emails as "soandso at myemail dot com" so you don't get spammed). For an extra chance to win, leave another comment letting me know how you follow this blog. I will announce the winner next Wednesday, March 9.

I hope this makes your day fun. Mine is looking brighter now (it is cloudy outside and the photographs reflect it, but the colorful fabrics always cheer me up...).


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